Learn to Draw Disney Pixar Brave

Learn to Draw Disney Pixar Brave

A great source to learn how to draw popular characters from Disney and other companies are the Walter Foster line of Learn to Draw books. The newest one, is Disney Pixar Brave and it is a great book to own for any future animators.

Walter Foster Learn to Draw books have been around for years and a great place to buy them, is at your local Michaels Craftstore or Amazon.com. The Brave learn to draw book is a little bigger than most which is a nice touch.

Learn to Draw Disney Pixar Brave

The book covers all the major characters such as Merida, Elinor, Angus and others. There are nice step-by-step instructions on how to draw each of the characters. Along with drawing instructions, there are a nice list of tools you can use to make your drawings. Another nice touch is the addition of the castle and how to draw that as well.

Learn to Draw Disney Pixar Brave

There are only a few downsides of the book, I would of liked more pages on Merida’s brothers and some more pages on the Mor’Du the evil bear. Other than that, this is a great book to use for reference and help you in designing your next great Brave picture!

4 thoughts on “Learn to Draw Disney Pixar Brave

  1. Really want to watch the film but can’t go can’t wait till it come’s out on dvd so can buy and enoy watching it with my two brother’s and sister and mum.Love the doll in the diseny store too but if i got it wouldn’t be able to touch it or take it out the box!

  2. Pls advice how do I order this book. Thank you. I like these book and I want to learn how to draw the characters of this book i really love this learn to draw brave book thank you

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